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 "I got a Living Social deal for this massage, and was able to get an appointment the very next day.  What a rare treat!  The process was really easy:  I sent an email and received a response within an hour or so.  I got a massage from Ade, and was extremely pleased with it.
I have some injuries and since he has a specialty in sports massage, he immediately understood the physiology and the issues.  He spent a lot of time working on the affected areas, was very sensitive to possible pain issues.  He was very careful not to push too hard on the sensitive muscles and fascia, so I could relax.
The room was very calm and quiet, and even though it was a cold rainy day the room was perfectly warm.  After the massage Ade gave me a wonderful hot cup of ginger honey tea, and advised me to take a hot bath later on to help the muscles relax further.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience!" - Dave W

"I received a living social deal for an hour long deep tissue massage.  I was able to get an appointment within a week and Ade was wonderful!  He asked about problem areas, focused in on those areas and was not afraid to give a very deep massage.  After the massage he gave suggestions on problem areas and how to work on them.  Ade was great and I would highly recommend him to anyone!" - Shawn K

"Decided late one night to get a massage the next day.  Found this place on Living Social.  Ade (one of the founders) was a good communicator and confirmed a time for the massage.  He was excellent!  The full body massage was as good as it gets with Ade asking for feedback on the pressure.  Very worth it and felt like a new person afterwards.  Would definitely return." - Lance T

“I moved to Palo Alto almost a year ago but I still keep going back to Corinne for deep tissue massage and facial. I always feel relax and refresh after the massage and facial. Highly recommended!”  - Catherine K

"My facial was with Jeanni and it was probably the most thorough facial I have ever had.  Seriously there are no more blackheads left on my face.  It was amazing and didn't hurt too much." - Mina L

"I was here to get a massage and facial.  The facial done by Jeanne I believe, happen to be very very thorough.  She did a good job taking out my black heads... all of em.. lol" - Vincent N

"At around 12am last night, I had decided I wanted to come here for our facials today.  They were able to accommodatShe us.  I wanted Corinne because of the good recommedations but ended up with Jeannie.  But I was not disappointed w/Jeannie.  She did a very thorough job with my face, and it did not come out looking like a monkey's ass (because usually its a lot more red and irritated).  Out of all the places I've been to so far, I would only return to two (this being one of them)." - Elaine H

“Corinne is a really great masseuse and she gives great facials also. She is very genuine and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend getting a massage and facial!” - Camille

“This is one of the best if not the best massage here in the city. This is a small place but very cozy and warm. I always get there to get a deep tissue massage that last for weeks. The massage is always different from one session to another one and each time amazaing. The price really reasonable and can be really cheap if you go with a package deal.”  - Pascal B

“I am a reknowned professional bodyworker/shaman/healer so when i tell you that Corrine Zhong has an adept pair of magical hands- i speak from vast experience of thousands of different touch experiences. First off, the hands of this adorable little woman have the strength of an olympic athelete and can work as deep as is necessary. Not only is her presence and touch innately soothing, her massage work is extremely focused and intentional. She works deep without hurting , works an area until the tension is resolved. In other words, she is not simply doing x number of pleasing strokes in an area and then moving on as with most Swedish massage, she can actually really sense what is happening in your body and adapts to your needs. There are many in the business that simply have technical skills and knowledge but no real gift of touch or gift of healing. Corrine has both. I know a real healer when i feel one. Bless you! I would trust my body and soul to your hands anytime.” 

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